Plot Summary

Pop tells of three friends Rua Mac, Armo Armadillo and Bici Bear. Armo and Bici love nothing more than to sit in each evening with a nice bucket of freshly made popcorn. Rua Mac on the other hand loves trying extraordinary things!

Soon Armo and Bici find themselves in hot pursuit of Rua as she persuades them to try some magical Blast Gum which pulls her away and up into the air.Soon mayhem ensues as Armo and Bici find themselves in death defying situations in an effort to save their friend Rua.


4 - 8 Years.
Picture Book: Original Text.

POP! : 2013. 
Caitríona Nic Sheáin - Andrew Whitson.
ISBN: 978-0-9552271-7-2

Casebound Book using 2.25mm board.

316mm x 235mm.
52pp self ends produced on 170gsm Club Gloss Paper with machined sealer varnish throughout.

Covers matt laminated on one side.
Dust Jacket produced on one side only on 170 gsm Club Gloss Paper to be retro disc gloss laminated.



There was once a young man who went by the name of Jack and he was the son of the King’s gardener. Every night, the king would discover that apples had been stolen from the tree in his garden and it is not long till Jack discovers the culprit is a fantastical golden bird. The king sets Jack on a mission to retrieve this golden bird and on his way, Jack comes face to face with other kings from around the world who each set him on other dangerous quests. But Jackhas an unusual helping friend. A fox who suffers from bad wind and an itchy tale full of annoying fleas!

Find out what happens to Jack and his friend in this re telling of the classic Grimm Fairy Tale.


12-16 years
Brothers Grimm Re - Telling

An tÉan Órga: The Golden Bird; 2015.
Author: Caitríona Hastings. Illustrator: Andrew Whitson
ISBN: 978-0-9552271-8-9

Casebound Book using 3mm board.
240mm x 180mm.
96pp on 120gsm Olin Absolute White Smooth with sealer varnish throughout.
End Papers on Olin Absolute White Smooth 150gsm plus sealer varnish.
Cover printed full colour on Olin Absolute white Smooth 150 gsm, matt Laminated with Spot U.V varnish.
Gold Ribbon bound in as bookmark.

Cúraille i gCeannas : Rilla takes Charge

Plot Summary

Cúraille loves being in charge. Well that’s to say Cúraille loves to talk about being in charge. But when he loses his little brother Bobo, Cúraille becomes very frightened and it is then he understands the true meaning of being in charge.


4 - 8 years
Picture Book: Original Text

Cúraille I gCeannas : Cúraille Takes Charge; 2015.
Cáit Nic Sheáin - Andy Whitson.
ISBN: 978-0-9552271-9-6

Casebound Book using 3mm board.
280mm x 210mm.

40pp on 150gsm Olin Absolute White Smooth.
Colour End Papers on 538 Claret Natural Wibalin and unprinted.

Covers matt laminated on one side.