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by Maire Zepf.



Máire has three published children’s books. ‘Tubaiste ar an Titanic’ (Cló Mhaigh Eo, 2012) and ‘Lá Leis na Lochlannaigh’ (Cois Life, 2016) form the first two in a historical fiction series for readers aged 9+. ‘Lá Leis na Lochlannaigh’ won the Oireachtas prize for fiction in 2015.

Ná Gabh ar Scoil!” (Futa Fata, 2015), Máire’s first picture book, was nominated for CBI Book of the Year, as well as its Irish language equivalent. It has been translated to Korean and also sold to Sterling Publishing in the US for translation to English. All three ofMáire’s books have been nominated for Gradam Reics Carló (The Irish Language Children’sBook of the Year).



Máire enjoys schools and library visits with her lively workshops based on her books. She often visits Gaelscoileanna, both north and south of the border. She has completed two different tours on behalf of Children’s Books Ireland, a school’s literacy project on behalf of POBAL and been involved in the nationwide ‘Scríobh Leabhar’ project, as well as appearing at festivals such as Wainfest in Donegal, Babaró in Galway and Fleadh Feirste in Belfast. She is also working on workshops for an educational outreach programme for the National Museums of Ireland.

She is currently collaborating with An tSnathaid Mhór on a new series of picture books, as well as writing a teen novel called ‘Hazelnuts’, funded by the Arts Council NI. She was nominated for an Aisling Award in 2015 for her work with children in schools.